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Leadership Coaching

...How we treat each other matters.

At our best, leaders are enablers and relationship curators. Unfortunately, these skills are not always instinctual for leaders and are rarely formally taught. I developed a system called  Relational Appreciative Dynamics (RAD) to coach leaders using empirically-based methods for creating environments where everyone on a team—whether it’s a transient or a traditional organization—can thrive and flourish.

1-Hour Keynotes
In person or Virtual

I'd love to tell you more...

the power of relationships

Ask me any question and if the answer is not “Relationships” - you’re asking the wrong question. Relationships are at the center of everything we do. It’s the one factor that’s in every single well-being model out today.


Loneliness and isolation can significantly increase our risk for premature death, rivaling smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.


At our best, leaders are relationship creators and curators. Unfortunately, these skills are not always instinctual for leaders and are rarely formally taught. In this talk, audiences will learn easy empirically-based methods for creating environments where everyone in the organization — transient or permanent — can thrive and flourish. Audiences will walk away inspired with actionable steps to making work and home, a lot more fun!!


When Is Now. Lessons Learned from Season 1’s amazing guests.

I share the best insights & lessons from my highly-rated season1 podcast guests. From filmmakers, former NFL players, researchers, studio film directors and other industry leaders. This discussion focuses on living acknowledging your current strengths and capacities. We often think we will be ‘better,’ more prepared tomorrow, while research suggests we are much more constant than we understand. Our ability to make an impact is available to us NOW, not ‘when …’ This discussion leaves audiences feeling energized, empowered, and realizing that When is always NOW.


The Obvious Stuff

It can take an outsider to see what insider's miss: the obvious stuff! I'll share how I became a movie producer, without ever attending film school. In the beginning, being an outsider lead to some very humorous experiences, and one that almost landed me in jail. But one thing saved me and that has remained my key to life. In this talk I share 10 things that don’t cost a penny, require no experience or education, that can get you to a very successful life.


Let's Work it Out

In order to be a great leader, you should understand who you're leading. These assessments take little time and can be done before filming begins. The ROI from these assessments can be exponential leading to better communication, reduced tension, and deeper commitment to the project.

Assessments I administer include:

  • EIQ - assesses for emotional intelligence

  • DiSC - assesses for communication, preferences, and work styles

  • VIA Character Strengths - determines your top five Strengths

  • Work Well-Being

Leadership Podcast

now that you know, it's time to WIN!

Tune into the When Is Now Podcast! With a concentration on enhancing collaborative environments, this podcast features discussions from a variety of thought leaders related to organizational and interpersonal trust, creativity, inclusion, curiosity, gratitude, positive relationships, implicit bias, and leadership styles. In addition, you'll hear their personal insights, stories, and gain practical tools to empower us to empower others.

a few of our guests...


Jennifer F. Beatty

Doctoral Candidate, Psychological & Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis

Jodi Wellman Headshot B_edited.jpg

Jodi Wellman


Four Thousands Mondays

Devon Still

Devon Still

Speaker & Positive Psychology Practitioner

JanetHeadShot_DanielBergeron_crop  copy.jpg

Janet Pierson

Director Emeritus, SXSW Film & TV

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